The Video Interview platform

Companies, agencies, universities and more are using Video Interview to easily screen candidates by video. Video Interview provides a complete set of tools to let you create interviews and manage, view, and evaluate candidates.

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Adaptable to meet your needs

Video Interview allows you create a general screening interview, or specific interviews unique to each open position, whichever works best for your needs.

Each interview can consist of between one and five questions. The questions you write will appear on-screen for your candidates to answer.

For each question, you also have the option of recording a video of the question being asked. You can introduce yourself and your company to candidates, creating a more relaxing atmosphere for them.

From our customers

Video Interview helps us see beyond the candidates’ resumes and get a real impression of their personality. And since we hire people from all over the world, recorded video interviews have been a great help for screening candidates in different time zones.

Miki Nakano, en world
More convenient, for everyone
More convenient, for everyone

Inviting candidates to take an interview is easy. Video Interview can send email invitations directly to candidates, or you can choose to make an interview open to the public.

When a candidate is ready to record their interview, Video Interview makes the process as smooth as possible with a helpful walkthrough.

Avoid the hassle of scheduling inconvenient phone calls and in-person screening interviews. Video Interview saves valuable time for you and your candidates.

Whether on a home computer or a mobile device, Video Interview is optimized for use on the most popular platforms.

Don’t just read about your candidates. Meet them!

See and hear directly from your candidates, gaining deeper insights into their personalities than you could with a resume alone.

Submitted interviews are organized with thumbnail screenshots - so you can easily recognize and remember everyone’s submission.

Identify candidates that would make a good fit for your company culture.

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Evaluate collaboratively
Evaluate collaboratively

Video Interview allows you to designate custom ratings criteria, and score it on a star scale. Keep track of the attributes that matter most to the job position and the company.

With the recorded interview, notes, and ratings, colleagues who would not have been available for a live interview can also participate in the evaluation.

A notes section is available to mark down any other relevant information - skills mentioned in the video, follow-up questions for future interviews, or anything else that might be useful in future correspondence.

Convince your manager
Evaluate collaboratively

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